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A Clarity team member assembling an air pollutant monitoring node

Air Pollution/Pollutants

What are the most common air pollutants?
What causes air pollution?
What are the health impacts of air pollution?

About Air Sensors

What’s the difference between air sensors and traditional air monitoring technology such as federal reference and federal equivalent methods (FRM & FEM)?

About Clarity Solutions

Why Sensing-as-a-service?
What do we measure?
What is Optical sensing?
Why a subscription model?
What is is the cost?

Node-S Overview

Node-S Overview
Why don't we typically install just one Node?
Can the Node be used indoors?
How long does the battery last for? What if there is no sun exposure?
What is the lifetime of the Node-S?
Is the Node-S weatherproof?
Where do we install the Nodes? How are they mounted?
How do you know I will have cellular data?

Add-on Modules

Wind Module Overview
Ozone Module Overview
Black Carbon Module Overview

Clarity Cloud & Data Access

Clarity Dashboard
Is there an API?
Who owns the data?
What is Clarity OpenMap?


What comes with our service?
Is there flexibility to move the sensors throughout the year to other sites with FEM/FRM equipment, or are they required to stay at one location for the 12 month period?