Does your wildfire preparedness plan include adequate air quality monitoring?
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Air Quality Monitoring for Wildfire Preparedness

Clarity helps businesses and governments prepare for wildfire season. Wildfire smoke threatens public health by causing spikes in air pollution. Our air quality sensing-as-a-service solution provides the reliable, local, and current air quality data you need to make informed decisions for your communities, employees, and first responders.

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"During fire season, weather patterns can regularly bring smoke to our area. I chose Clarity because it provided up-to-date, local, scientifically-backed, and relevant data to make decisions about whether to keep children inside. "

Ken Burkhart, Superintendent/Principal

Pope Valley Union School District, Napa, California

Air Quality Data You Can Trust

Install Clarity Nodes in any location to measure air quality where it matters. You own the data, with the option to share publicly on OpenMap.

Resilient Deployment

Wildfires require time-sensitive action plans. Our self-reliant monitors take 10 minutes to deploy and begin collecting and integrating data into existing emergency response plans and infrastructure immediately.

Our record speed from contact, delivery, deployment, to first data point collected was less than 48 hours in Houston, Texas.
Modular hardware design and Cloud-based infrastructure for fast and easy installation anywhere
Stay online during power outages with self-charging solar panel, battery, and multi-network cellular connectivity
Remote access to data visualization and device management tools via Clarity Dashboard web app
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Reliable Data

Indicative/low-cost monitors overestimate air quality by 50-60%. Data from these monitors should only be used after a rigorous calibration process to ensure data accuracy.

Clarity's Remote Calibration service is supported by our dozens of co-locations with governmental reference monitoring sites across the globe. We follow the U.S. EPA's Nowcast method for calculating AQI to comply with regulation (CalOSHA) and enable critical decision-making.
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Real-time alerts via text or e-mail
What does COVID-19 mean for wildfires this year?

Real-time Response

Clarity helps businesses and communities prepare for the aftermath of a wildfire. Access to high-resolution, real-time air pollution data enables leadership to make educated decisions around air pollution exposure, meet response plan guidelines, and protect vulnerable community members.
Real-time and remote insights into EH&S compliance
Make time-sensitive and precise decisions
Predict budgets and reduce unnecessary OPEX
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Data Sharing

Clarity OpenMap is an optional opt-in for customers who choose to add their devices to our public repository of open data Clarity and reference monitors as an easy way to share data with the public and generate awareness.
View, plot, and share data in an open repository
Embed in public websites using iFrame
Seasonal data overlays (Currently sharing COVID-19 data from Johns Hopkins University)
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