About the webinar

In this webinar, you'll hear from experts who have been at the forefront of combating the public health impacts of air pollution over fire season. Discover how high-resolution air quality data is being used to better protect communities across the United States.

You’ll learn about innovative projects like Bill Hayes in Boulder, Colorado and Janice Lam Snyder in Sacramento, California, which leverage data to reduce public health and the impacts of air pollution episodes like wildfire smoke events. We will also discuss:

  • The factors contributing to severe wildfires and their impact on air quality and public health.
  • The behavior and composition of air pollution during wildfire events, including the presence of fine particulate matter (PM2.5) and metals such as lead and zinc.
  • The role of low-cost sensors like the Clarity Node-S in providing high-resolution, real-time data for air quality monitoring and decision-making during wildfire events.
  • Workplace regulations in California, Washington, and Oregon that require employers to protect workers against wildfire smoke exposure using air quality monitoring technology, including low-cost sensors.

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Meet the Panelists

  • Janice Lam Snyder, Program Manager @Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District

    Janice Lam Snyder

    Program Manager

    Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District

  • Bill Hayes

    Air Quality Program Coordinator

    Boulder County Public Health

  • Jennifer DeWinter

    VP of Product Management

    Sonoma Technology

  • Sean Wihera, VP of Business Development @Clarity Movement

    Sean Wihera

    VP of Business Development & Partnerships

    Clarity Movement

Speaker Bios

  • Janice Lam Snyder

    Program Manager, Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District

    Janice Lam Snyder is an accomplished Program Manager with an extensive history in the environmental regulatory industry. Her expertise lies in Air Quality Management, Environmental Monitoring, Report Writing, and Policy Analysis. She holds an MS in Environmental Planning and Management from Johns Hopkins University, along with a BS in Applied Physics from UC Davis. Currently, she provides strategic direction for Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District's air monitoring, planning, rules and emission inventory programs. Janice has pioneered projects like the first Community Monitoring Study and led significant air quality initiatives.

  • Bill Hayes

    Air Quality Program Coordinator, Boulder County Public Health

    Bill Hayes is a seasoned Environmental Engineer and Licensed Professional Engineer with over 20 years of experience at Boulder County, focusing on air quality and health. He holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University and an MS in Environmental Science and Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines. As the Air Quality Coordinator for Boulder County Public Health, he provides critical insight into air pollution issues and guides the public on health protection measures. He actively promotes air quality awareness and assists in developing strategies to combat climate change and improve air quality.

  • Jennifer DeWinter

    VP of Product Management, Sonoma Technology

    Jennifer DeWinter is the Vice President of Product Management at Sonoma Technology where she leads interdisciplinary product teams to advance technology initiatives. Since joining STI as an Atmospheric Scientist in 2008, Jennifer has spent much of her career working at the confluence of science and software engineering, developing tools and applications for federal, state, and local air agencies as well as commercial clients. She currently leads the development of ExactAQ, an advanced forecasting model that provides community-scale information about current and forecast air quality that can better enable organizations and the public to make decisions that reduce exposure during fire and smoke events. Prior to STI, Jennifer received a BS in Earth Science (magna cum laude) and a BA in English from California Polytechnic State University.

  • Sean Wihera, VP, Business Development and Partnerships

    Sean Wihera

    VP of Business Development & Partnerships, Clarity Movement

    Sean Wihera is the VP of Business Development & Partnerships at Clarity Movement, a California-based startup providing next-generation air quality management solutions to governments and businesses around the world. Since joining Clarity Movement in 2017, Sean has led Clarity's network deployments into more than 70 countries across 6 continents with numerous government, community, and industrial partners. Prior to joining Clarity Movement, Sean was a Program Manager with the Energy Technologies Area of Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (LBNL) and the Founding Director of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Berkeley Cleantech University Prize (CUP) at the University of California Berkeley.