Does your wildfire preparedness plan include adequate air quality monitoring?
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Sensing-as-a-service Air Monitoring

Leverage Clarity’s turn-key solution to meet all your air monitoring needs with one inclusive hardware, software, and service package.

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Take the Fastest Route to Clean Air

10 minutes. Powered by the Sun and connected to the Cloud through cell towers, that’s how long it takes to install a device and begin analyzing air quality data in real-time.

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More Coverage with Lower Cost of Ownership

Scalability in 2020 doesn’t just mean small form factor anymore. We’re giving you the affordability, flexibility, and autonomy to eliminate all your blind spots.

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See Through the Haze. Make Sense of the World.

We’re a people first company. That means we’re with you every step of the way from ideation to action, translating meaningful data into impact.

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Transforming the way we understand air pollution

Clarity's Air Monitoring Solution is a comprehensive sensing-as-a-service that makes it more easy, reliable, and cost effective to measure air quality when and where you need it.
For Governments

> Exposure Assessment
> Impact Analysis
> Emergency Response

For Communities

> Awareness Generation
> Environmental Justice
> Citizen Science

For Businesses

> Regulatory Compliance
> Facilities Management
> Health & Safety

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Trusted by 70+ Cities in 47 Countries

How it works

Each measurement point's annual data license covers everything you need to take action, including:
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Data Collection

Clarity monitoring devices are FCC/CE certified, UV-resistant, and weatherproof. A truly self-sufficient IoT device with solar harvesting, internal battery, and global cellular communications, the Clarity Node-S accommodates site-specific requirements according to the customer’s needs, not the other way around. In fact, we’re so confident in the Node-S’s ability to amaze, our solution comes with free hardware replacements.

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Data Validation

Indicative Monitoring is an affordable way to complement regulatory monitoring sites and increase data resolution when supported by a rigorous quality assurance and calibration process. When co-locations are available, our white-box Remote Calibration eliminates the high operational costs of traditional sensor calibration with  remotely calibrated data streams in real-time. We work with dozens of air districts and environmental agencies all over the world to ensure our data accuracy, precision, and reliability.

Read third party evaluation reports from the world’s leading air quality experts:

Project Support

Onboarding Call: A dedicated environmental project manager to help you define a project plan and cadence
Deployment Training: Video and virtual trainings to ensure your deployment goes as smoothly as possible
Network Design: Best practices and guidance on where to place your sensors to collect meaningful data
Remote Calibration: Remote calibration of your Clarity sensors if a co-location is available in your region
Clarity Support: Easy access to our responsive support team to get all your questions answered
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Data Visualization

To be released in Summer 2020, the Clarity Dashboard is a private data visualization and management tool to replace Clarity’s Deployment Tool and SmartCity web app. Users log in with their unique account credentials to manage devices, view, plot, and download current and historical raw and calibrated data.
Configure, manage, and check device status
View, plot, and download raw or calibrated data
Assign user roles for access to device management and/or data analysis
API access to to integrate data with other sources on existing or third party platforms.
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Data Sharing

Clarity OpenMap is an optional opt-in for customers who choose to add their devices to our public repository of open data Clarity and reference monitors as an easy way to share data with the public and generate awareness.
View, plot, and share data in an open repository
Embed in public websites using iFrame
Seasonal data overlays (Currently sharing COVID-19 data from Johns Hopkins University)
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