Explore Clarity's hardware solutions, including the Black Carbon Module. Easily deploy Clarity Node-S devices for PM2.5 and NO2 monitoring. Enhance your air quality management with scalable and self-powered monitoring technology

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Discover the Black Carbon Module, a real-time 5-wavelength UV-IR monitor by AethLabs. Integrated into Clarity networks, it precisely measures harmful particulate matter, offering insights into air quality. Get a quote for this essential tool in environmental monitoring.

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About the Black Carbon Module

Power your environmental monitoring sustainably with the Black Carbon Module Solar Panel from Clarity. Enhance the deployment of your Black Carbon Module with eco-friendly energy solutions. Explore efficient and scalable solar options for continuous, off-grid air quality monitoring.

Optionally solar-powered

Use hard line power where available, or optionally purchase an external solar power system to power your Black Carbon Module off-grid. 

Image of the Black Carbon module, a measurement technology from AethLabs

Low maintenance

Allows for long-term continuous sampling of higher concentrations for up to a year depending on the sampling environment conditions and instrument settings. 2 replacement tapes are provided free of charge every year.

Gain control and insights into your air quality data with Clarity's user-friendly Dashboard. Visualize real-time measurements, monitor sensor network status, and make informed decisions. Explore the power of seamless data management for effective air quality control. Discover more about Clarity's Dashboard now.

Source apportionment

With 5 wavelengths, the Black Carbon Module can help you determine where particulate matter air pollution is coming from in your area — so you can take action to mitigate emissions and prevent exposure. 

Unlock precise air quality measurements with Sensing-as-a-Service from Clarity. Ideal for regulators, researchers, and communities, our service ensures seamless deployment and high-quality data. Drive positive change with accurate air pollution insights.

Clarity Black Carbon Module

The Black Carbon Module is based on microAeth® Black Carbon measurement technology from AethLabs, and integrates seamlessly into Clarity networks. Designed to serve as an outdoor measurement point mounted on street poles and fence lines, this device is intended for prolonged multi-month measurement initiatives that demand minimal upkeep and rare on-site inspections. 

Use the Black Carbon Module to measure this extremely harmful component of particulate matter, with impacts ranging from human health to reduced agricultural productivity, and even global warming. Real-time, 5-wavelength spectrum measurements provide insight into the composition of light-absorbing carbonaceous particles and helps to distinguish among the different optical signatures of various combustion sources such as diesel, woodsmoke, biomass and tobacco.

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