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Clarity's Environmental Project Managers are available to help you with your air quality monitoring network

There’s a better way to manage air quality measurement projects

With Clarity's Sensing-as-a-Service, every air quality measurement project is given the support it needs to flourish.

Your journey begins with a personalized kickoff call with your Environmental Project Manager to discuss program goals, roadmaps, and plans — so whether you’re an air quality monitoring expert or this is your first time building an air quality sensor network, you get the personalized support you need to start successfully.

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Modern air quality monitoring project support

Clarity's Sensing-as-a-Service air quality monitoring solution provides benefits far beyond what you get by purchasing air quality monitoring equipment and assembling your own network. With Clarity, you're not just buying hardware — you're investing in expertise.

Our Environmental Project Managers go beyond tech support to provide strategic guidance based on decades of air quality experience. Over two onboarding sessions, we’ll help you define goals, discuss optimal sites, calibrate your devices, and ensure you’re set up for success.

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It all starts at Kickoff

Your experience with Clarity starts at project Kickoff, where you’ll meet with your Environmental Project Manager to discuss your air quality monitoring program goals, align on your roadmap, and look at your plans for Collocation and Deployment. This is also an opportunity to get personalized advice from your Environmental Project Manager, especially if this is your first time building an air quality sensor network.


Collocation and Calibration

Clarity's patented Remote Calibration process ensures your air quality measurements are scientifically validated and defensible.

Calibration involves tuning the Clarity Nodes' measurement output to align with reference monitor readings. After the Collocation phase is complete, your Environmental Project Manager will present a customized report and calibration model for your project, accounting for environmental factors unique to your region.

We are committed to providing the highest quality data possible with air quality sensors. Whenever possible, Clarity strives to meet the  air measurement data quality objectives set by the US EPA, EU, UK MCERTS. and other regulators. Visit our Calibration page for a deeper dive into Clarity’s methodology.

Visit our Calibration page for a deeper dive into Clarity’s methodology.

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Deployment and ongoing support

After deployment is complete, you’ll have complete access to your devices through the Clarity Dashboard, a private air quality data visualization and monitoring web app that makes device management easy. With built-in status alerts, interactive maps and reports, and data downloads, you’ll have the tools you need to run a successful air measurement network. 

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Why Sensing-as-a-Service℠ for air pollution monitoring?

No separate software purchase. No add-on warranties. No unexpected expenses.
With one upfront service, we’re giving you the affordability, flexibility, and autonomy to eliminate all of your air quality blind spots.

Hardware -

Easily deployed air monitoring devices

Self-powered Clarity Node-S air quality monitoring hardware measures PM2.5 and NO2 and serves as a platform for additional modules that measure Wind, Black Carbon, and Ozone.

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Clarity's user friendly air quality management dashboard - Learn more

Cloud data management & visualization

Air quality measurements and air sensor network status are easily accessible in real-time via Clarity’s user-friendly Dashboard, REST API, and OpenMap.

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Dedicated Environmental Project Manager to help you with your Air Quality Management project. Learn more.

Expert air quality project support

An experienced Environmental Project Manager to help you define a project plan and guide you through Collocation and Calibration of your devices.

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Share your data to OpenMap

Once your network is up and running, you’ll have the option to share your data to Clarity’s public OpenMap platform. The accessible OpenMap visualizes PM2.5 and Air Quality Index (AQI) data from your calibrated sensors, alongside vetted government reference monitors. Your stakeholders will be able to get hourly NowCast AQIs, daily and monthly averages, and more — all with complete transparency on data sources and methodology.

Learn more about OpenMap
OpenMap, Clarity's publicly available platform to visualize PM2.5 and Air Quality Index around the world in real time

Additional Clarity Environmental Project Manager time

Get individualized guidance and expertise for your project with a dedicated Environmental Project Manager. Your personal point of contact will be able to provide tailored assistance, insight, and oversight throughout your program, beyond the two consultations included in our standard package.


Remote or On-site Deployment Support

Ensure smooth deployments and immediate air quality data collection with live remote or on-site support from Clarity. Our team can guide your field technicians through proper air quality measurement device installation and configuration. We'll verify all devices are operational before wrapping up.


Program Design

Develop comprehensive air quality programs tailored to your region. Through facilitated workshops and trainings, Clarity will help you build collaborative air quality programs primed for growth. We provide strategic guidance on convening stakeholders, structuring governance, securing funding, and more.


Data Analysis

Reveal deeper insights from your monitoring data through bespoke air quality data analysis services. From investigating air pollution sources to modeling exposure reduction from interventions, our scientists deliver advanced analytics customized to your needs.

Additional services like Air Quality Basics trainings, network design workshops, and engineering custom hardware solutions are available on demand.

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