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Air Quality Monitoring for Mining & Industrial Facilities

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Enhancing industrial air quality monitoring for safer environments and sustainable practices

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Mining, smelting, and other industrial activities have a critical impact on air quality. They release harmful pollutants such as fine particulate matter and greenhouse gases that negatively affect human health and increase air pollution.

Implementing air quality monitoring solutions at industrial sites enables real-time measurement of pollution levels and can be a gamechanger to protect industry workers and surrounding communities.

  • Measure air pollution levels resulting from industrial activities in real-time
  • Make data-driven decisions to mitigate air pollution impact on local population
  • Compare continuous measurements against regulatory guidelines to confirm compliance

Proven success with air monitoring for mining & metals operations

Air quality monitoring success stories

Elisha Mulilo

Air Quality & Emissions Specialist, Kansanshi Mine

“There's less maintenance with Clarity’s compact Node-S device — that means less cost to actually go to that particular site. That time and cost-saving measure is critical for our business.”

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Why Sensing-as-a-Service℠ for air pollution monitoring?

No separate software purchase. No add-on warranties. No unexpected expenses.
With one upfront service, we’re giving you the affordability, flexibility, and autonomy to eliminate all of your air quality blind spots.

Hardware -

Easily deployed air monitoring devices

Self-powered Clarity Node-S air quality monitoring hardware measures PM2.5 and NO2 and serves as a platform for additional modules that measure Wind, Black Carbon, and Ozone.

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Clarity's user friendly air quality management dashboard - Learn more

Cloud data management & visualization

Air quality measurements and air sensor network status are easily accessible in real-time via Clarity’s user-friendly Dashboard, REST API, and OpenMap.

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Dedicated Environmental Project Manager to help you with your Air Quality Management project. Learn more.

Expert air quality project support

An experienced Environmental Project Manager to help you define a project plan and guide you through Collocation and Calibration of your devices.

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The impact of mining & industrial activities on air quality

Mining and industrial operations significantly contribute to air pollution through greenhouse gas emissions, fine particulate matter, organic compounds, and chemicals. These pollutants have detrimental effects on climate change, human health, and the environment, highlighting the urgent need for comprehensive air quality monitoring and mitigation measures.

Here are common pollutants generated from industrial activities:

Particulate Matter

Fine particulate matter emissions from mining and industrial activities have significant negative effects on health, causing respiratory damage and premature death.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Mining and industrial operations contribute to air pollution, including greenhouse gas emissions that affect climate change.

Organic Compounds and Chemicals

Industrial processes release organic compounds, carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, and other chemicals, contributing to air pollution and atmospheric warming.

Other Pollutants

Mining and industrial operations release pollutants such as toxic metals, particulates, nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides, methane, carbon monoxide, and benzene, which can impact air quality, ozone formation, and the greenhouse effect.

surface mine in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia. It is operated by RWE and used for mining lignite. The mine currently has a size of 48 km2 (19 sq mi) and got its name from the village of Garzweiler which previously existed at this location. The community was moved to a section of Jüchen with the same name.
Tagebau Garzweiler, surface mine, Germany © Bert Kaufmann, CC BY-SA 2.0
First Quantum customer case study. Learn more.

First Quantum Minerals' Success with Clarity

First Quantum Minerals, a leading global copper company, revolutionized their air quality monitoring system at the Kansanshi Mine in Zambia.

By deploying Clarity's advanced Node-S devices, they achieved improved data accuracy, cost savings, proactive community relations, and received positive feedback from auditors, highlighting the effectiveness of Clarity's solution. Find out how their partnership with Clarity enabled them to take proactive steps towards environmental responsibility while enhancing operational efficiency.

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Importance of air quality sensors in mining operations

Lastest Node-S Sensor technology
Ambient Air Sensor Technology

Continuous Air Monitoring

assess real-time air pollution levels, air composition and regulatory compliance

Air Quality Data Visualization

Impact Assessment

the Wind Module can help with source attribution and determine the dispersion and movement of air pollutants

Air Quality Monitoring Community Building icon

Community Relations

leverage real-time air pollution data to inform local community on recommended behaviors during pollution peaks

Icon for air pollution monitoring

Precise, Local Air Pollution Measurements

a network of several low-cost sensors can provide precise and exact measurements of the pollution across the facility

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FAQ - Air Quality Monitoring for Mining & Industrial Facilities

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