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 Indicative air monitoring equipment co-located with reference instruments
October 12, 2020
Denver improves air quality monitoring at the neighborhood level with indicative monitors that can be deployed in 5 minutes or less

The Denver Department of Public Health and Environment (DDPHE) has made significant strides toward improving air quality in recent years.

 Indicative air monitoring equipment co-located with reference instruments
November 16, 2020
Richmond forges a citizen air monitoring network with 10-meter resolution air quality data for 110K residents

Powered by Clarity’s real-time air monitoring solution, Richmond now has a citizen air monitoring network to combat poor air quality.

 Indicative air monitoring equipment co-located with reference instruments
January 13, 2021
Brightline Defense brings air quality monitoring to San Francisco communities during record-breaking wildfire season

Brightline Defense is a Bay Area-based environmental justice nonprofit that empowers communities to create more sustainable environments.

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Helsinki, Finland

The Finnish Institute for Atmospheric and Earth System Research used a network of Clarity Node-S sensors to develop a virtual sensor network capable of providing reliable air quality information.

London, United Kingdom

In 2021, London installed more than 100 Clarity air sensors at London hospitals, schools, and other sensitive locations to complement existing high-quality reference-grade monitors and enable measurement of ambient air pollution at the neighborhood level.

Paris, France

The City of Paris installed a 150-sensor network of Clarity Node-S to better understand air quality around schools in the French capital. Partial funding provided by Bloomberg Philanthropies.

Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic

50 Clarity Node-S air quality monitors were installed in Bishkek to help improve public health and quality of life. The project, funded by the Asian Development Bank, seeks to improve air quality in the capital and areas around the city with significant pollution levels.

Richmond, California

Groundwork Richmond installed a network of several dozen Node-S to monitor pollution from freeways and a nearby refinery with funding from the AB 617 Community Air Grants Program.

San Francisco, California

Brightline Defense was awarded funding to deploy a network of 15 air quality monitoring devices in several San Francisco neighborhoods, which expanded to 19 because of increased community demand.

Denver, Colorado

Clarity’s Node-S provides the DDPHE an affordable means of addressing community concerns and identifying hotspots, and has enabled the DDPHE to improve the resolution of their air quality monitoring network.

Los Angeles, California

The City of Los Angeles invested in a pilot program with 10 Node-S sensors to assess the impact of outdoor air pollution on indoor air quality. The pilot study is installed at LA's public library locations.

Ar-Rayyan, Qatar

A network of Clarity Node-S sensors was colocated with reference equipment at the Qatar Environment & Energy Research Institute to provide air quality data for analysis and evaluate the potential for expansion of further indicative monitoring in Quatar.

Bengaluru, India

A network of 30 Node-S air quality sensors was deployed at strategic locations frequented by vulnerable populations, with an emphasis on schools and hospitals. Project implemented by the GCHA & HEAL.

Manila, Philippines

Clarity deployed a pilot network of Clarity Node-S devices throughout Metro Manila in partnership with Clean Air Asia and the Environment Management Bureau (EMB) to demonstrate the potential for low-cost sensors to support improved air quality management practices.

Bogota, Colombia

Accra, Ghana

Brazzaville, Republic of Congo

A network of Clarity Node-S sensors was installed in collaboration between Columbia University & Marien Ngouabi University. They are some of the first air quality monitoring devices installed in the region and will help to better understand and characterize air quality.

Jundiaí, Brazil

Monitoring will be performed with two Clarity Node-S, with funding provided through a donation from NB Capital Investimentos and Consultoria LTDA. The two monitoring stations that will be moved to different sites across the city.

Perth, Australia

Santiago, Chile

Insite has deployed a network of Node-S sensors in the vicinity of Santiago and are evaluating opportunities for further deployment.

Sydney, Australia

Clean Air Schools Program: After a successful pilot program with UNSW, Clarity Nodes will be placed in classrooms and playgrounds to put accurate, real-time data at the fingertips of all Australians to enable them to make better decisions about their local environment and health.

Waikato Region, New Zealand

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