Driving Perth forward to a clean air future

The Royal Automobile Club of Western Australia (RAC WA) is steering Perth towards a future of cleaner air with the innovative RAC Air Health Monitor, the largest ambient air quality sensor network in Australia — powered by Clarity Sensing-as-a-Service.

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Bringing air quality awareness to Perth

The RAC Air Health Monitor offers a visionary example for cities looking to redefine their approach to local air quality management. This mini-documentary unveils the significant impact that making real-time, localized air quality data available has player in fostering a healthier environment for Western Australians across the Perth metropolitan region.

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Charting the course for cleaner air in Perth

Read the case study to discover the strategies that have positioned RAC WA's project as a beacon for effective city-scale air quality management worldwide. Learn how collaboration between government, industry, and technology partners can forge a path toward reducing air pollution and changing air quality for the better.

Establishing a network of 200 air quality sensors for Perth

This network of 200+ Node-S air quality sensors across Perth uses Clarity Movement's air quality measurement technology and Ramboll's SHAIR air quality modeling technology to provide localized, real-time air quality readings at 200-meter resolution across the 9,700 sqare kilometer greater Perth metropolitan area.

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Hear from RAC Air Health Monitor stakeholders

Will Golsby

General Manager External Relations & Communications, Royal Automobile Club of Western Australia

We're going to continue to inform the community, we're going to raise awareness around air quality in our state, we're going to work with the state and federal governments and local governments to make better choices about the infrastructure they're investing in, but also their policies for the future as well around fuel quality standards and emission standards in our state, and also obviously the community every day. We want them to make informed choices about the transport they're going to use in the future.

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Dale Page

General Manager, Planning and Economic Development, City of Perth

The information we get from the Clarity sensors and the air health monitoring has helped us shape a lot of what we're doing under our sustainability pillar. It helps us understand our natural environment, which then helps us to protect and enhance it for future generations and current generations. Having access to this data helps us in one of our key objectives for the city, which is to attract residents to the city in the future.”

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Alexander Larcombe

Associate Professor and Program Head of Respiratory Health, Telethon Kids Institute

Having a larger network of sensors where we have a better resolution of where air pollution is worse or better will be beneficial in allowing us to change behaviors, educate people more, or do all sorts of things to improve the health of those people

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Rob Slocombe

Group CEO, Royal Automobile Club of Western Australia

At RAC we're all about leading change for the better — and what could be more important than having cleaner air to breathe for current and future generations of Western Australians?

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Learn from the RAC experts, live

Don't miss our upcoming webinar featuring speakers from RAC WA, Ramboll, and Clarity who will provide an inside look at the project's development, overcoming challenges, and lessons learned. This is an exclusive opportunity to learn directly from the leaders in community air quality monitoring.

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Andrew Grieve installing a Clarity Node-S

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Clarity Node-S measuring PM2.5 and NO2

Meet the Clarity Node-S

Clarity’s flagship particulate matter (PM) and nitrogen dioxide (NO₂) monitor is self-powered, FCC/CE certified, UV-resistant, and weatherproof. A truly self-sufficient IoT air quality monitoring system with solar harvesting, internal battery, and global cellular communications.

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