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A complete air quality monitoring ecosystem

Clarity provides everything you need to start your air quality monitoring network, with a suite of hardware solutions built around the flagship, solar-powered Node-S air quality sensor. Stackable Modules attach in seconds, making it simple to upgrade your air quality monitoring network to measure additional air pollutants over time.

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Clarity Sensing-as-a-Service Air Quality Monitoring Solutions
Wind & Meteorological Module. Get real-time air pollutants measurements with Clarity solutions.Black Carbon Module. Get real-time air pollutants measurements with Clarity solutions.Ozone Module. Get real-time air pollutants measurements with Clarity solutions.
Self-powered Clarity Node-S air quality monitoring hardware measures PM2.5 and NO2 and serves as a platform for additional modules

The Clarity Node-S air quality sensor:
Solar-powered and cellular-connected out of the box

Clarity’s flagship particulate matter (PM) and nitrogen dioxide (NO₂) monitor is self-powered, FCC/CE certified, UV-resistant, and weatherproof. Our devices come pre-configured with integrated solar power harvesting, batteries, and global cellular connectivity — meaning you can get up and running quickly without external infrastructure.

A truly self-sufficient IoT air quality monitoring device, the Clarity Node-S accommodates site-specific requirements according to your needs, not the other way around. In fact, we’re so confident in the Node-S’s ability to amaze, our solution comes with free hardware replacements.

Clarity’s air quality monitoring Node-S hardware sensor.
Node-S line
Cellular Connectivity
Node-S line
Solar Panel
UV-resistant &
Internal Battery
Modular Installation

Clarity Sensing-as-a-Service℠

Air quality monitoring equipment purchase from other providers

Modular pole and wall mounts for easy installation
Mounting options vary
Easily deployed equipment installed in minutes 
Rely on existing infrastructure
Solar-powered devices for seamless operation in remote locations
Require AC power
Cellular connectivity & global data plan included free of charge
Require WiFi
Rugged, weatherproof and low-maintenance devices minimize field interventions
Require frequent maintenance
Free servicing and replacement of equipment under warranty, including hot-swaps to minimize downtime
Does not include free device replacement 
Easily upgrade your network to measure additional air pollutants with modular design
Less flexibility to modify your network

Air quality monitoring equipment tested in 70+ countries

Clarity has deployed thousands of air quality sensors in a variety of climatic conditions around the world.

Sets of Air Quality Node-S installed across different measurement sites. Learn more.

The future of air quality monitoring is modular

Clarity's modular ecosystem unlocks flexibility for your air quality monitoring network. With Modules that attach in seconds, it's simple to upgrade your air quality monitoring network to measure additional air pollutants over time. Expand capabilities by mixing and matching add-on modules like Wind Module, Ozone Module, Black Carbon Module, and more.

Wind & Meteorological Module. Get real-time air pollutants measurements with Clarity solutions.

Wind & Met

The Wind & Met Module reveals ambient temperature, pressure, and relative humidity as well as wind speed and direction data to help determine pollution sources and their impacts on your community.
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Wind & Meteorological Module. Get real-time air pollutants measurements with Clarity solutions.


The FEM-capable Ozone Module detects ground-level ozone, allowing you to evaluate ozone attainment and regional pollutant transport.
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Wind & Meteorological Module. Get real-time air pollutants measurements with Clarity solutions.

Black Carbon

The Black Carbon Module enables you to differentiate PM from natural sources from fossil fuel combustion sources like vehicles, helping apportion pollution to known local emitters.
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Wildfire Smoke & Emergency Response Air Quality Monitoring Kit

Emergency Response Air Monitoring Kit

The Wildfire Smoke and Emergency Response Air Monitoring Kit is a comprehensive solution designed to provide vital air quality information during wildfires and other emergency air pollution events. This all-in-one kit includes everything you need to monitor air quality and respond effectively to emergencies.
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Air quality measurement equipment trusted by organizations like:

Elisha Mulilo

Air Quality & Emissions Specialist, Kansanshi Mine

“There's less maintenance with Clarity’s compact Node-S device — that means less cost to actually go to that particular site. That time and cost-saving measure is critical for our business.”

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Bill Hayes

Air Quality Program Coordinator, Boulder County Public Health

"After the Marshall fire we installed a total of 22 monitors in the burn area. The Node-S is solar powered, has impressive battery-life and transmits data via cellular network. That means we could put these monitors anywhere that the sun shines and that you can make a cell call."

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Matt Holmes

Air Quality Consultant and former Executive Director, Groundwork Richmond

"We couldn’t have done it with any other air quality monitoring solution. With their unique ability to operate off-grid, Clarity’s Node-S provided the ability to site our air quality monitors in the locations that mattered most to community members in Richmond. The data are reliable, real-time, and hyperlocal, and our network is now being used as a blueprint for AB 617, a landmark regulation that empowers communities to take control of air pollution."

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Eddie Ahn

Executive Director, Brightline Defense

"Clarity was our first-choice air quality monitoring provider for several reasons. We enjoyed working with the Clarity team - they are highly knowledgeable and always responsive. The Node-S devices themselves are also incredibly resilient, which was especially important for us when deploying the monitors in emergency conditions during the wildfire events this past year."

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William Chevalier

Supervising Air Monitoring Specialist, Monterey Bay Air Resources District

"We were excited when we saw what Clarity was offering — it works very nicely for our objectives with the wildfire air monitoring network. We liked that Clarity’s sensors are very quick to install and very easy to use, thanks to the native solar panel and cellular antenna. Not having to use somebody else's WiFI in a remote location is great — that had been a major issue for us with several projects.”

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Node-S colocation

Buy pre-calibrated air quality sensors or collocate in the field

Accurate air quality monitoring starts with calibration. Clarity's rigorous Collocation and Calibration process ensures your air pollution measurements are scientifically validated and defensible.

Purchase Node-S devices pre-calibrated to generalized models by the Clarity Lab, or collocate anywhere with a reference monitor to develop custom localized calibrations — all included with Sensing-as-a-Service℠ air quality monitoring.

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Flexible air quality monitoring equipment tailored to your needs

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For Researchers

Swap modules to test new air quality sensor technologies or investigate emerging pollutants. Seamlessly add measurement parameters on a single platform with a simple subscription upgrade.

For Regulators

Adapt air quality monitoring networks to monitor new air pollutants required for compliance. Leverage existing investment in Node-S air quality sensors to serve as the foundation for measuring additional criteria pollutants.

For Community Groups

Expand air quality monitoring to new neighborhoods incrementally as budgets allow. Reallocate modules based on discoveries.

For Businesses

Tune air pollution monitoring to provide leading indicators of operational issues. Enhance coverage during seasonal variability.

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