Protecting public health during wildfires

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In the face of climate change and increasing environmental disasters like wildfires, there is a growing need for resilient air quality monitoring infrastructure. Traditional air quality monitors often rely on vulnerable infrastructures like WiFi and electrical grids, which can easily fail during disasters, leaving us without accurate information about air quality.

To address this challenge, low-cost air sensors provide a cost-effective solution. Air quality sensor networks can provide accurate, local, real-time air pollution data and withstand harsh conditions to continue operating even when power and internet connectivity infrastructures fail.

With an air quality sensor network you can:

  • Access localized air quality data at the neighborhood level
  • Enable informed decision-making to protect public health
  • Support environmental justice efforts

Proven air quality monitoring equipment for wildfire smoke

Wildfire Smoke & Emergency Response Air Quality Monitoring Kit

Wildfire Smoke and Emergency Response Air Monitoring Kit

The Wildfire Smoke and Emergency Response Air Monitoring Kit is a comprehensive solution designed to provide vital air quality information during wildfires and other emergency air pollution events. This all-in-one kit includes everything you need to monitor air quality and respond effectively to emergencies.

The kit consists of four Clarity Node-S air quality sensors, specifically calibrated to detect PM2.5 particles, which are known to be prevalent in wildfire smoke.

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Live Webinar — June 1st at 9 AM Pacific / 12 PM Eastern

Wildfires, Smoke and Air Quality: Building an Air Monitoring Program Fit for Fire Season

In this webinar, you'll hear from experts who have been at the forefront of combating the public health impacts of air pollution over fire season. Discover how high-resolution air quality data is being used to better protect communities across the United States.

You’ll learn about innovative projects like Bill Hayes in Boulder, Colorado and Janice Lam Snyder in Sacramento, California, which leverage data to reduce public health and the impacts of air pollution episodes like wildfire smoke events.

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Wildfires, Smoke and Air Quality Webinar. Register now.

Clarity has helped several organizations to
protect communities against wildfire smoke

Eddie Ahn

Executive Director of Brightline Defense

"Clarity was our first-choice air quality monitoring provider for several reasons. We enjoyed working with the Clarity team - they are highly knowledgeable and always responsive. The Node-S devices themselves are also incredibly resilient, which was especially important for us when deploying the monitors in emergency conditions during the wildfire events this past year."

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William Chevalier

Supervising Air Monitoring Specialist

"We were excited when we saw what Clarity was offering — it works very nicely for our objectives with the wildfire air monitoring network. We liked that Clarity’s sensors are very quick to install and very easy to use, thanks to the native solar panel and cellular antenna. Not having to use somebody else's WiFI in a remote location is great — that had been a major issue for us with several projects.”

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