Wildfire Smoke & Emergency Response Air Quality Monitoring Kit

Wildfire Smoke and Emergency Response Air Monitoring Kit

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The Wildfire Smoke and Emergency Response Air Monitoring Kit delivers critical air quality data during wildfires and air pollution crises. This inclusive kit, providing all needed for effective emergency response, includes:

  • 4x Clarity Node-S air quality sensors
  • 1x Clarity Wind Module
  • Pre-calibration with Clarity’s proprietary Wildfire Model
  • Automatic integration with OpenMap and other public data-sharing tools

Discounts apply when purchasing two or more kits, ideal for equipping multiple sites with constant air pollution monitoring.

To ensure prompt delivery during emergencies, we offer fast shipping options. Each purchase includes a year’s service, giving you ongoing support and updated calibration models.

Please note, all sales are final with a no-return policy for one year.

Proven air quality monitoring equipment for wildfire smoke

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Wind Module

About Clarity solutions

Our Clarity Node-S air quality sensors are designed to detect PM2.5 particles, commonly found in wildfire smoke. These highly accurate sensors provide real-time air pollution data, allowing you to make prompt decisions to safeguard public health and minimize exposure to harmful pollutants. Additionally, our Wind Module measures wind speed and direction, aiding in assessing smoke dispersion patterns and potential exposure risks.

To ensure precise measurements for wildfire conditions, our sensors are pre-calibrated using Clarity's proprietary Wildfire Model. This calibration enhances accuracy and tailors the data specifically to wildfire scenarios. Furthermore, our system seamlessly integrates with OpenMap and other public data-sharing tools, enabling instant sharing of real-time air quality information with the community.

This collaborative approach fosters effective wildfire management strategies. In summary, our optimized solution includes Clarity Node-S sensors for PM2.5 detection, the Wind Module for assessing smoke dispersion, pre-calibration with the Wildfire Model for precise measurements, and automatic integration with OpenMap for seamless data sharing.

Together, these features empower you to protect public health and respond efficiently to wildfires.

Clarity has helped several organizations to
protect communities against wildfire smoke

Bill Hayes

Air Quality Program Coordinator, Boulder County Public Health

"After the Marshall fire we installed a total of 22 monitors in the burn area. The Node-S is solar powered, has impressive battery-life and transmits data via cellular network. That means we could put these monitors anywhere that the sun shines and that you can make a cell call."

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Why Sensing-as-a-Service for wildfire smoke monitoring?

No separate software purchase. No add-on warranties. No unexpected expenses.
With one upfront service, we’re giving you the affordability, flexibility, and autonomy to eliminate all of your air quality blind spots.

Hardware -

Easily deployed air monitoring devices

Self-powered Clarity Node-S air quality monitoring hardware measures PM2.5 and NO2 and serves as a platform for additional modules that measure Wind, Black Carbon, and Ozone.

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Cloud data management & visualization

Air quality measurements and air sensor network status are easily accessible in real-time via Clarity’s user-friendly Dashboard, REST API, and OpenMap.

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An experienced Environmental Project Manager to help you define a project plan and guide you through Collocation and Calibration of your devices.

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