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Addressing urban air quality challenges with our Sensing-as-a-Service solutions

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Cities globally grapple with unparalleled challenges concerning air quality and climate change. As part of the C40 Clean Air Cities Declaration, mayors have dedicated themselves to delivering clean air in their urban landscapes. This commitment, supported by the Clean Air Fund, is aimed at fostering healthier, more sustainable environments for over 140 million residents.

Clarity offers advanced air quality monitoring solutions specifically tailored to the needs of C40 cities looking to deploy climate-resilient infrastructure at the city-wide scale.

Here's how Clarity can be your partner in creating a cleaner and healthier future:

  • Real-time measurements: Identify pollution sources for healthier residents
  • Precision monitoring: Track progress towards WHO guidelines
  • Data-driven policies: craft evidence-based pollution solutions
  • Community engagement: Foster awareness with accessible data

Proven success with community air monitoring

Why Sensing-as-a-Service℠ for air pollution monitoring?

No separate software purchase. No add-on warranties. No unexpected expenses.
With one upfront service, we’re giving you the affordability, flexibility, and autonomy to eliminate all of your air quality blind spots.

Hardware -

Easily deployed air monitoring devices

Self-powered Clarity Node-S air quality monitoring hardware measures PM2.5 and NO2 and serves as a platform for additional modules that measure Wind, Black Carbon, and Ozone.

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Clarity's user friendly air quality management dashboard - Learn more

Cloud data management & visualization

Air quality measurements and air sensor network status are easily accessible in real-time via Clarity’s user-friendly Dashboard, REST API, and OpenMap.

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Dedicated Environmental Project Manager to help you with your Air Quality Management project. Learn more.

Expert air quality project support

An experienced Environmental Project Manager to help you define a project plan and guide you through Collocation and Calibration of your devices.

Meet our team

Addressing urban air quality challenges

Jyrgalbek Shamyraliev

Vice-Mayor, Bishkek City Mayor’s Office

"The data provided by the sensors helped to speed up the city’s decision-making. Today, the sensor readings have had a direct impact on public opinion. This year, we launched public ecological transport and eco-taxi, and we are launching a new system of dedicated public transport lanes that will directly affect the transition to eco-friendly modes of transportation.”

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Bolat Amirgaliyev

Head of Environment Division, EcoAlmaty

"Today we have 50 Clarity sensors in Almaty that provide us with online data on the type of particles and pollution in different parts of the city. Thanks to these sensors, we can plan environmental measures in Almaty.”

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Begaim Alipova

Head of Atmospheric Pollution Observation Division, Kyrgyzhydromet

"In 2020, we installed 50 sensors in the city of Bishkek. Since the Clarity Node-S sensors installed in Bishkek are small, we installed them all over the city. We placed some of them near roads, some in residential areas, and some in social facilities. Thanks to the Global SIM Card which is incorporated in the sensors, we get the data directly to our system which allows us to visualize the data. The data is ready for analysis.”

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Richard Stedman

Air Pollution Control Officer at the Monterey Bay Air Resources District

"We don’t have a lot of staff time to spend setting up or fine-tuning this equipment — Clarity’s managed service model allows us to multiply the number of sensors in our network with minimal additional overhead on our end. We're going from six particulate matter monitors to more than 20 — with one placed in each local municipality — so we expect to have more granularity in looking at how smoke impacts people across our three-county jurisdiction."

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Dr. Ian Longley

Principal Scientist - Air Quality, National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research

"We needed high-density data to develop a model that was representative of a real situation on a very local scale – so multiple devices and multiple locations. The Clarity Node-S was ideal for this use case."

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Addressing urban air quality challenges

Cities today grapple with significant challenges posed by air quality and its impact on health, economies, and vulnerable communities. Clarity’s air quality measurement solutions provide the data required to address these challenges.

Public health costs of air pollution

Poor air quality leads to premature deaths, increased disease burden, and negative economic consequences.

Climate-vulnerable communities

Disadvantaged communities within cities are disproportionately affected by the health risks of dirty air & climate change.

Lack of air quality data

Scarce air quality data hampers effective policymaking and obstructs progress towards cleaner air.

Need for air quality targets

Setting and achieving ambitious air quality targets aligned with global standards remains a challenge for cities lacking baseline air pollution data.

Node-S, Sensing-as-a-Service solution

Air quality monitoring solutions designed for Breathe Cities

Our Sensing-as-a-Service air quality monitoring solution offers a revolutionary approach to these air quality challenges. 

The Breathe London air quality monitoring network — the inspiration and model for Breathe Cities globally — showcases the efficiency of real-time, affordable air quality monitoring. As the largest network of its kind in Europe, Breathe London has yielded invaluable insights into air quality obstacles, facilitating well-informed decision-making by city official and engaging communities across London to campaign for better air quality.

Learn more about Breathe London >>

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Real-time air pollution measurements

Access immediate, up-to-date data on air pollutant levels, enabling swift health risk mitigation and air quality enhancement.

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Air pollution source identification

Pinpoint air pollution hotspots and sources, guiding targeted interventions for impactful pollution reduction.

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Strategic air quality policy development

Leverage thorough air quality data to craft policies rooted in evidence and aligned with global standards, promoting healthier urban living.

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Community engagement with air quality

Empower residents with accessible air quality information, cultivating communal responsibility and driving efforts for cleaner air.

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Global cities need new solutions in their battle for clean air. We're excited to present a new blueprint for effective air quality management, developed through years of experience working with cities globally.

In this whitepaper you'll learn the unique structure and strategies behind Breathe London's success, and how key stakeholders, from communities, regulators, and analysts to innovative technology and industry partners can collaborate to revolutionize their air management strategy.

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