The future of clean air is collaborative

Breathe London pioneers a new model for urban air quality management that engages communities, coordinates agencies, and drives real improvements in air pollution — all made possible by Clarity Sensing-as-a-Service.

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Accurate air quality data for London

The Breathe London model provides inspiration for cities globally seeking to reimagine air quality management. This mini-documentary showcases the real-world impact achieved through democratized, hyperlocal air quality data.

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Replicate the success of Breathe London

Global cities need new solutions in their battle for clean air. We're excited to present a new blueprint for effective air quality management, developed through years of experience working with cities globally.

In this whitepaper you'll learn the unique structure and strategies behind Breathe London's success, and how key stakeholders, from communities, regulators, and analysts to innovative technology and industry partners can collaborate to revolutionize their air management strategy.

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Building a 400+ sensor network for a global city

The Breathe London initiative brought together air quality experts, city agencies, healthcare providers, and local communities to vastly expand air pollution monitoring and drive coordinated policy action. Leveraging Clarity Movement's technologies and framework, the program pioneered a collaborative model for air quality management that achieved dramatic improvements in London's air.

Breathe London network of low-cost air sensors

Hear from Breathe London stakeholders

Sally Newsom

Member, Clean Air 4 Schools

Hyperlocal pollution data is vital to assess the air quality, to help spread awareness, and to start making change. As soon as people understand the air they're breathing, they can start to make real positive change.

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Timothy Baker

Deputy Manager of ERG's Measurement Team

We use our reference network with collocated Node-S devices to make estimates of the interactions between the pollutants. This also helps us to make adjustments for the weather conditions like relative humidity, how damp is the air, how hot is the air.

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Sadiq Khan

Mayor of London

“I am delighted that Londoners will now have access to real-time, accurate air quality data for their area from more than 400 monitoring sites. This will improve awareness and help people reduce their exposure to polluted air and better target efforts on improving air quality at a local level.”

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Andrew Grieve

Senior Air Quality Analyst, Imperial College London

"The Clarity Node-S is light, it has a small solar panel, and it's reliable. We can put them anywhere. All of those things combined mean it is super easy for communities to put them up by themselves." 

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Learn from the London experts, live

Don't miss our upcoming webinar featuring speakers from Imperial College London and Clarity who will provide an inside look at the project's development, overcoming challenges, and lessons learned. This is an exclusive opportunity to learn directly from the leaders in community air quality monitoring.

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Andrew Grieve installing a Clarity Node-S
Clarity Node-S measuring PM2.5 and NO2

Meet the Clarity Node-S

Clarity’s flagship particulate matter (PM) and nitrogen dioxide (NO₂) monitor is self-powered, FCC/CE certified, UV-resistant, and weatherproof. A truly self-sufficient IoT air quality monitoring system with solar harvesting, internal battery, and global cellular communications.

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