About the webinar

Black carbon has been receiving a lot of attention lately, with both the Clean Air Fund and Project Drawdown publishing extensive reports on actions that can be taken to mitigate its spread. Black carbon has been identified as a "super pollutant" for its severe impacts on both human health and climate change, but its measurement is still relatively uncommon compared to other criteria pollutants.

That’s why AethLabs and Clarity have partnered to introduce the Black Carbon Module, a solar-powered, low-maintenance device that makes the accurate measurement of black carbon more accessible than ever.

In this webinar, we will share:

  • An introduction to black carbon as an air pollutant, including its atmospheric chemistry, sources, and health impacts
  • Why air quality management agencies and air monitoring projects should prioritize black carbon measurement
  • The wide range of potential applications for black carbon instrumentation, especially in the urban environment
  • How deploying additional black carbon monitoring stations improves our capacity to effectively understand particulate air pollution and minimize exposure to this harmful pollutant
  • The science behind AethLabs’ best-in-class black carbon measurement technology, including technical specifications
  • How researchers, environmental agencies, and other organizations have used AethLabs’ black carbon measurement technology in real-world applications
  • How the Black Carbon Module integrates seamlessly into Clarity’s air quality monitoring platform

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Meet the Panelists

  • Daniel Mendoza - Research Assistant Professor, Atmospheric Sciences at the University

    Daniel Mendoza

    Research Assistant Professor,
    Atmospheric Sciences

    University of Utah

  • Jeff Blair

    President and CEO


  • Drew Hill

    Data Science & Applied Research Lead


  • Paolo Micalizzi

    Paolo Micalizzi

    Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder

    Clarity Movement