About the webinar

This webinar will showcase a groundbreaking initiative by the Royal Automobile Club of Western Australia (RAC) to develop the RAC Air Health Monitor. This innovative project, developed in partnership with Clarity and Ramboll, combines 200 state-of-the-art air quality sensors with advanced modeling techniques to create a model for visualizing air quality across the Perth region of Western Australia. 

This webinar will delve into the technical aspects of the sensor network, data sources, modeling, and RAC’s commitment to sustainable, healthier air quality. Join the webinar to learn:

  • How this project plays a critical role in RAC’s Vision 2030 for a safer, sustainable, and connected future.
  • How RAC engagement initiatives with the local community have been planned and implemented.
  • How RAC works with project partners to ensure network integrity with their very own reference graded station and calibration processes.
  • How the RAC Air Health Monitor is powered by a combination of cutting-edge sensor technology and the real-time Ramboll Shair model, which incorporates real-time traffic emissions, meteorological data, and industrial activity input to generate a localized model for visualizing air quality. 
  • How this data is presented via Ramboll Shair, allowing users to access both current and historical air quality information. 

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Meet the panelists

  • David Brodhag

    Technical Lead, Mobility and Sustainability Projects

    Royal Automobile Club of Western Australia

  • Julian Gomez

    Manager, Demonstration Projects

    Royal Automobile Club of Western Australia

  • Martin Parsons

    Principal, Air Quality, Environment & Health


  • David Lu

    Co-founder & CEO

    Clarity Movement