Bluetech Clean Air Alliance recognizes Clarity and Ramboll SHAIR as the future of air quality management

Clarity and SHAIR, a team within Ramboll Group A/S, were honored at the end of last year with the Clean Air Alliance of China’s prestigious Bluetech Future Star Award for partnering in the production and testing of a Bi-Modal Real-Time Air Quality Solution (BRAQS). Clarity CEO David Lu and Ramboll Managing Consultant Min Hou — representing SHAIR — were present at the 4th annual Bluetech International Clean Air Conference in Beijing to receive the award.

The conference hosted nearly 400 representatives from leading industry experts, technology companies, investment firms, environmental agencies, to the media from December 3 to December 4, 2018 to discuss clean air technology, markets, and policies, as well as announce this year’s Bluetech award winners.

In addition to the awards ceremony, Clarity and Ramboll SHAIR had the opportunity to present BRAQS to conference attendees. Bi-Modal Real-Time Air Quality Solution (BRAQS) brings accurate high-resolution air quality data to the user’s fingertips in real-time. Jointly developed by Clarity and Ramboll, BRAQS is a scalable air quality solution that provides rigorous, actionable street-by-street PM2.5 and NO2 data through high-density air quality monitoring using Clarity nodes and scientifically robust modeling performed by SHAIR.

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The Bluetech Future Star Award recognizes BRAQS

By combining cutting-edge technology in air quality data monitoring and modeling, BRAQS is able to achieve a level of spatial and temporal resolution and accuracy that represents a paradigm shift in what “data-driven” clean air action means. Still in pilot stages of roll out, this early recognition from the Clean Air Alliance of China suggests that BRAQS stands to truly transform the way cities manage air quality.

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