Nigeria Set to Deploy New Technology to Monitor Air Quality  
Clarity Node-S Sensors Will Deliver Actionable Data to Inform Policy Decisions


Clarity Movement Co. and the National Environmental Standards and Regulations Enforcement Agency (NESREA) of Nigeria announced today that they have entered into a letter of intent ("LoI") to collaborate, in cooperation with non-profit, academic and industry partners, on a bold project to implement air quality monitoring in Nigeria.

The innovative partnership outlined in the LoI seeks to deploy a network of Clarity's high-accuracy air quality monitors, powered by solar, to send the data to an air quality monitoring dashboard, resulting in the insight necessary to drive environmental and health policy in Nigeria. In addition, the air quality data will be shared with regional partners, such as The Reformers' Initiative for Development in Africa (Reformers of Africa), and the global public. Using the Clarity sensors, the regulator (NESREA) will be able to immediately begin identifying major polluting sources and mitigating their impact for the benefit of citizens.

"Action is necessary to ensure that the quality of air available for human existence is improved," explained Prof. Aliyu Jauro, Director-General of NESREA. "Moreover, increasing global concerns over the damaging effect of air pollution on the environment are an indication of the need for meaningful action against pollution. Meaningful action against pollution begins with meaningful data. We're pleased going into this quality partnership, and we look forward to collaborating with other environmental agencies and industry partners."

"Clarity is honored to be chosen to implement in partnership with NESREA, such an important air quality monitoring initiative," said David Lu, CEO of Clarity Movement Co. "Protecting the health of each individual citizen by ensuring clean air, and protecting the health of the planet are both served with professional, accurate data at one's fingertips. We look forward to speaking with funding partners dedicated to this effort and interested in being part of a very cost-effective solution."

The next phase of the project involves discussions with international funders in order to secure sponsorship for project implementation. This is being assisted by Two Lakes Group, an investment and consulting firm that works with governments and industry partners across Africa to fund and implement new technological solutions to development challenges. Project scope will be driven by these conversations. Funders can range from government grants to NGOs and foundations. Interested parties can reach out by using either the Clarity, Two Lakes or NESREA contact form at:, or

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NESREA is the Environmental Enforcement Agency in Nigeria. It has responsibility for the protection and development of the environment, biodiversity conservation and sustainable development of Nigeria’s natural resources in general and environmental technology including coordination, and liaison with, relevant stakeholders within and outside Nigeria on matters of enforcement of environmental standards, regulations, rules, laws, policies and guidelines.

The NESREA Act empowers the Agency to be responsible for enforcing all environmental laws, guidelines, policies, standards and regulations in Nigeria, as well as enforcing compliance with provisions of international agreements, protocols, conventions and treaties on the environment to which Nigeria is a signatory. For more information, visit: