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When you refer other organizations, institutions, or businesses to Clarity Movement, you help expand access to cost-effective, accessible air quality monitoring technology.

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Refer someone to Clarity Movement, and they’ll receive a 50% discount on their first year of Sensing-as-a-Service for two Node-S devices. By referring new partners, you make an impact far beyond your own organization. Let's work together to bring modern air quality insights to communities in need - locally and globally.

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As a referee, you’ll receive a 50% discount on your first year of Sensing-as-a-Service for two Node-S devices. Fill out the form below, and someone from our team will be in touch shortly to discuss your  air quality monitoring project. With our support and cutting-edge technology, you'll have the resources to make informed decisions and improve air quality in your area.

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Program terms and conditions

  • Individuals are not eligible for this program — referrals must be to organizations, institutions, or businesses with an existing or planned air quality monitoring program
  • You must be an existing Clarity customer to refer another customer to Clarity
  • All referrals subject to Clarity’s review and approval
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Air quality monitoring success stories

Dale Page

General Manager, Planning and Economic Development, City of Perth

The information we get from the Clarity sensors and the air health monitoring has helped us shape a lot of what we're doing under our sustainability pillar. It helps us understand our natural environment, which then helps us to protect and enhance it for future generations and current generations. Having access to this data helps us in one of our key objectives for the city, which is to attract residents to the city in the future.”

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Alexander Larcombe

Associate Professor and Program Head of Respiratory Health, Telethon Kids Institute

Having a larger network of sensors where we have a better resolution of where air pollution is worse or better will be beneficial in allowing us to change behaviors, educate people more, or do all sorts of things to improve the health of those people

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Joseph K. Lyou, Ph.D.

President & CEO of the Coalition for Clean Air

"The devices worked and the data was much better than other low-cost sensor data — Clarity pays attention to and cares about trying to get as accurate data as possible.”

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Bolat Amirgaliyev

Head of Environment Division, EcoAlmaty

"Today we have 50 Clarity sensors in Almaty that provide us with online data on the type of particles and pollution in different parts of the city. Thanks to these sensors, we can plan environmental measures in Almaty.”

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Why Sensing-as-a-Service℠ for air pollution monitoring?

No separate software purchase. No add-on warranties. No unexpected expenses.
With one upfront service, we’re giving you the affordability, flexibility, and autonomy to eliminate all of your air quality blind spots.

Hardware -

Easily deployed air monitoring devices

Self-powered Clarity Node-S air quality monitoring hardware measures PM2.5 and NO2 and serves as a platform for additional modules that measure Wind, Black Carbon, and Ozone.

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Clarity's user friendly air quality management dashboard - Learn more

Cloud data management & visualization

Air quality measurements and air sensor network status are easily accessible in real-time via Clarity’s user-friendly Dashboard, REST API, and OpenMap.

Learn more about Clarity Cloud
Dedicated Environmental Project Manager to help you with your Air Quality Management project. Learn more.

Expert air quality project support

An experienced Environmental Project Manager to help you define a project plan and guide you through Collocation and Calibration of your devices.

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