TL;DR — It's been an exciting year for us here at Clarity — we have included a brief recap of some 2022 highlights in this blog post. It's an honor to support you — and our partners in 70+ countries around the world — with your air quality work. Enjoy this holiday season!

*Please note that the Clarity Team will be operating at reduced capacity from Friday, December 22nd, 2022 through Monday, January 2nd, 2023, and may be slower than normal to respond to inquiries. 

Clarity’s growth over 2022

Clarity is proud to say that we have grown considerably as an organization over the past year — here are a few of the highlights! 

Doubling the size of our team

We saw our headcount grow to more than 30 team members across eight different countries — nearly doubling the number of talented individuals working on our mission to empower the world to reduce air pollution. To learn more about our excellent team members, see our team page here.

JPG - BEST_IMGP7436_Reduced
A portion of the Clarity Movement team at an in-person workday in San Francisco, California.

Launching the Clarity Lab

This year also brought the launch of the Clarity Lab, a dedicated part of our team that uses a research-oriented approach to tackling longer-term research and science questions. The Clarity Lab dives deeply into studying, evaluating, and improving sensor performance under different environmental conditions. Read our interview with Jack Kodros, our Air Quality Data Scientist and member of the Clarity Lab team here for more information.

This year we launched the Clarity Lab to allow us to take a research-oriented approach to building the best air quality measurement solution possible for our customers by improving our approach to air quality data calibration and developing new air pollution measurement equipment.

Series A+ fundraising

Building a global platform for accurate air quality measurement at scale is no easy task, and we are fortunate enough to have the support of some wonderful and mission-aligned investors. In August, we successfully raised our Series A+ funding round, co-led by Amasia and the Active Fund with participation from Spero Ventures, SOSV’s HAX program, Launch Fund, and the Climate Syndicate — which will allow us to continue to work towards our mission of empowering the world to reduce air pollution. Read our funding announcement here for more details.

Clarity Series A+ - Blog Hero Image
Clarity raised a Series A+ fundraising round in August 2022 to support our air quality monitoring work.

Clarity’s partnerships around the world

Supporting air quality monitoring in 70+ countries

We’re proud to support some of the most innovative air quality monitoring initiatives in more than 70 countries across the world. Clarity now has thousands of air quality sensors deployed in more than 70 countries. See our Customers page on our website here to learn more about the monitoring projects that our team supports.

Clarity Slide Library
Clarity air pollution sensors are now used for a variety of air quality monitoring applications in more than 70 countries around the world.

Launching and expanding large-scale sensor networks

We now have air sensor networks in major cities including Los Angeles, Sydney, Perth, Detroit, Bucharest, Jakarta, and beyond. We also saw existing partners in cities like London and Singapore expand their Clarity networks.

The LAUSD Know Your Air Network is one of several multi-hundred air sensor air quality monitoring networks that Clarity launched this year.

Supporting Environmental Justice with EPA grants

In 2022, the USEPA awarded grants to support air quality monitoring in minority, disadvantaged, and environmental justice communities in addition to any other communities overburdened by pollution. Clarity will be involved with more than a dozen communities awarded EPA air quality monitoring grants in their efforts to measure — and improve — the air pollution in their communities.

Brightline 1
Clarity will support environmental justice-oriented air pollution measurement in disadvantaged communities around the United States through the EPA's Enhanced Air Quality Monitoring for Communities program, funded by the American Rescue Plan.

Clarity’s products in 2022

In addition to growth in our team and our partners’ work across the globe, this year has also seen significant improvements to our air quality measurement solutions. We are committed to providing the best air quality data possible — that’s why we are constantly improving our Sensing-as-a-Service solution with new air pollution measurement hardware and software features!

New and improved Dashboard features!

Our team has worked to improve the Clarity Dashboard, which serves as a platform to visualize and manage data from one’s air quality monitoring network. We introduced new and improved features to help network administrators add guest users, and report on advanced device telemetry — making it easier than ever to collect accurate air quality data at scale with Clarity Sensing-as-a-Service. 

The Clarity Dashboard helps our partners manage and visualize their air quality sensor networks.

Commercially available Wind & Ozone Modules!

We have also added wind and ozone modules to our commercially-available solutions. Clarity Modules allow our air quality monitoring partners to paint a more complete picture of air quality by measuring not only PM2.5 and NO2 but also ground-level ozone pollution and wind speed and direction. Learn more about our sensors & modules here.

The Clarity Ozone Module and Wind Module allow our air pollution monitoring customers to measure more air quality parameters than ever before!

Here's to another great year of working towards cleaner air!

We’re proud of the hard work, dedication, and commitment to clean air demonstrated by our team members and partners over this past year. We look forward to the next year of working together to address the environmental crises of air pollution and climate change as we work towards a healthier future for all.

Happy holidays from the team at Clarity

Thanks to our friends and air quality monitoring partners at the Royal Automobile Club of Western Australia for sharing this image of their festive Node-S sensors!