Clarity Movement Co. Launches the Clarity Partner Program to Expand Distribution of Leading Air Quality Monitoring Solution
Clarity’s proven, state-of-the-art air quality monitoring solution, already deployed in more than 50 countries globally, is now available for resale by distributors, resellers, and system integrators worldwide

BERKELEY, CA, March 2nd, 2021 – Clarity Movement Co., a global air quality monitoring and data analytics company, shared today that its air quality monitoring technology is now available to distributors and resellers globally. 

Clarity’s Sensing-as-a-Service air quality management solution is already providing hyperlocal air quality data to customers in more than 50 countries around the world. In developing countries, Sensing-as-a-Service is used to empower communities with higher-resolution air quality data or to affordably introduce air quality monitoring capabilities for the first time. In developed countries Clarity’s solution is used to complement and improve upon existing regulatory air monitoring networks, such as in London where the Greater London Authority chose Clarity’s solution to power their citywide Breathe London monitoring system

The launch of the Clarity Partner Program will support the company’s mission of empowering the world to reduce air pollution by expanding sales and distribution channels for its leading air quality measurement solutions. The program builds on a foundation of dozens of past and current partnerships and has been designed to ensure repeatable success for all Clarity Partners. 

By joining the program, Clarity Partners gain access to scalable, recurring revenue in the rapidly growing air quality monitoring market. Partners also benefit from preferred pricing and a range of other exclusive benefits including sales training, end-to-end technical support, and marketing collaboration to support partners as they scale their air quality monitoring business. 

Our Partners provide valuable knowledge and relationship-building capabilities that are key to successfully applying Clarity’s best-in-class air quality monitoring solutions within a local context or specific industry. The Clarity Partner Program is an exciting opportunity for us to provide superior support and benefits for our global network of Partners while better addressing the needs of differing geographies, communities, and industries."

- Sean Wihera, Director of Business Development at Clarity

Clarity’s Sensing-as-a-Service model lends itself perfectly to third-party distribution, providing a turnkey, end-to-end air quality monitoring solution complete with robust hardware, a secure data pipeline, powerful software, and unparalleled customer support. 

Solar-powered and weatherproof, the Clarity Node-S weighs just 1.2 kg and measures air pollutants like fine particulate matter (PM) and nitrogen dioxide (NO₂). Additional air quality measurements will soon be available through third-party integrations.

The Node-S can be deployed in 10 minutes or less and is easily installed on any pole, wall, or other accessible feature. The device links to the cloud through native cellular connectivity, allowing it to operate seamlessly with minimal maintenance in most environmental conditions.

Once installed, customers have direct access to their air quality data through API access or the Clarity Dashboard, an intuitive software platform that integrates and visualizes data from customers’ Clarity networks and existing reference stations. 

The Clarity Dashboard allows resellers and end-users to manage their network(s), review real-time and historical datasets, and perform advanced data analyses like colocation analysis. 

Clarity upholds the highest standards for data accuracy, reliability, and security. Clarity’s proprietary Remote Calibration technique, performed by Clarity’s air quality experts, has been evaluated and validated by AQ-SPEC, AirLab, and the EPA and ensures the most accurate data possible with low-cost sensor technology.

All data generated by air quality sensors is authenticated, stored, and backed up in the cloud, where Clarity customers can reliably access real-time and historical data via API or their Clarity Dashboard. Clarity customers retain ownership of all raw and calibrated data collected by their Clarity network.

Since its inception, we designed our air quality monitoring solution with an emphasis on accuracy, reliability, seamless operation, and scalability. With self-sufficient hardware, a robust data pipeline, and advanced software, our Sensing-as-a-Service offering is the most complete plug-and-play air quality monitoring solution on the market. We look forward to working with Clarity Partners to bring our scalable, cost-effective air quality monitoring solution to more customers globally."

- Paolo Micalizzi, Chief Technology Officer at Clarity

Clarity’s Sensing-as-a-Service model includes access to a dedicated team of air quality experts for calibration, project management, and technical support. 

Our team of air quality experts works closely with partners to provide the expert advice and technical support required to successfully launch and manage an air quality monitoring network. Collaboration with local partners has been key to successfully deploying our solution in more than 50 countries around the world. We are thrilled to formalize the Clarity Partner Program as a means of expanding and scaling our relationships globally and expanding the availability of reliable, local air quality data to people around the world."

- Meiling Gao, Chief Operating Officer at Clarity

The Clarity Partner Program is initially available to businesses with experience in the air quality management, mining, and oil & gas industries. Companies eligible for the Partner Program should demonstrate a capacity to capture a predictable, repeatable, and scalable volume of air quality monitoring projects in these or related industries. 

For more information on the Clarity Partner Program and how to arrange an initial conversation, visit the Clarity Partner Program page on Clarity's website


About Clarity Movement Co.
Clarity Movement Co. was founded in 2014 to empower the world to reduce air pollution. The Clarity team leverages expertise in air sensing technology, IoT devices, and data analytics to provide the most reliable low-cost hardware and software air quality monitoring solution available on the market. Clarity’s air quality Sensing-as-a-Service solution revolutionizes the way governments, businesses, and communities understand and respond to air pollution, and currently provides local, accurate, and scalable air quality monitoring to more than 85 cities across 50+ countries. For more information, please visit or follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.