Excerpt from article originally published on GreenBiz by Sue Lebeck.

“Technology can be used to move policy, by providing better datasets to mayors. Panelist David Lu, CEO of Clarity Movement, highlighted the power of data. “There is air pollution data, but it is not enough to see the impact of policy. We need hundreds of thousands of sensing points [using low-cost air pollution sensors]. Without measurement, it’s like playing chess without seeing the chess board. What is working? Where? What is not? What you can see, you can’t argue with.

“We are increasing awareness to citizens, and to government. Now it is a policy priority, [whereas] recently you couldn’t talk about it. Now is a great time to address this. By having a sensor network around the bus line, you can communicate in real time. [Data can] show the health impact of the new policy. Citizens need to be shown the data, and to see with their own eyes.”

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