Originally published on Sensirion Newsroom.

Sensirion, the expert in environmental sensing solutions, and Clarity, provider of air quality monitoring and management services, are collaborating on PM2.5 sensing technology. Under the agreement, Clarity has licensed the exclusive rights to the development, production and distribution of its optical PM2.5 sensor technology. Clarity’s technology fills the gap in the environmental sensor market for affordable, portable and reliable PM2.5 sensors, and is the perfect addition to Sensirion’s environmental sensing platform.

The lightweight sensor is small enough to collect data on PM2.5 and PM10 unobtrusively, providing the same accuracy levels as industrial particulate matter monitors but at a factor 1000 lower cost and 100th of the size. This innovative solution opens up a vast range of applications that until now have been hindered by the bulk and high cost of the available PM measurements instruments. “This sensor technology outperforms other PM2.5 sensor technologies that target high-volume production in all areas. With Sensirion’s unique expertise in environmental sensing solutions, we are convinced that we can offer significant benefit and added value to our customers,” says Livio Lattanzio, Product Manager at Sensirion. “We are very happy that we found in Sensirion the perfect partner to commercialize our PM2.5 sensing technology. With Sensirion industrializing the technology, we can focus on providing air quality management solutions based on the concept of sensor fusion, IoT and big data analytics,” says David Lu, CEO of Clarity.

With the goal of increasing human comfort and well being, as well as the energy-efficiency of buildings, the PM2.5 sensor is the perfect match for Sensirion’s environmental sensing platform. PM2.5 and PM10 refer to particulate matter with particle diameter up to 2.5 microns and 10 microns, respectively, and are among the most dangerous air pollutants. Due to their small size, PM2.5 particles can travel deep into the human lung and cause a variety of health issues; for instance, by triggering asthma attacks or contributing to cardiovascular disease. Sensirion’s new PM2.5 sensor solution will enable the implementation of innovative air quality monitoring devices that prevent air pollution damage.

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