BERKELEY, CA (MARCH 29, 2023) —  Clarity Movement Co. (Clarity) and Sonoma Technology are excited to announce that they have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to work together to provide comprehensive air quality monitoring solutions for government agencies, communities, and businesses seeking integrated air quality management services.  

The two organizations jointly have decades of experience providing scalable, cost-effective air monitoring solutions that leverage best-in-class technology. Through this partnership, Clarity will provide cutting-edge air quality monitoring technology, calibration, and data management services, while Sonoma Technology will provide project design, capacity building, and project management expertise, along with informed and effective data analysis, modeling, and advisory support. 

Together, they will offer a comprehensive solution that includes hardware, software, and air quality management services to help government agencies and the communities they serve track air quality in real time, identify sources of air pollution, and advocate for targeted measures to reduce air pollution.

The partnership specifically focuses on leveraging both companies’ strengths to offer comprehensive solutions such as:

  • Integrated Air Monitoring and Management Solutions — Air quality management agencies are increasingly moving toward hybrid systems that leverage the strengths of both traditional regulatory air monitoring equipment and newer, lower-cost options such as air quality sensors. Sonoma Technology will offer a comprehensive, seamless package that leverages Clarity’s sensors alongside other best-in-class regulatory and research-grade air quality monitoring systems. The package will include access to proprietary Sonoma Technology tools like eSIMS© air monitoring network management software to schedule, log, and track monitoring network information in one place, as well as advanced data analysis systems like the Insight© data management and public reporting system, which offers customizable data acquisition pipelines, real-time data displays on public websites, and automated alerts.
  • Air Quality Information Systems & Wildfire Smoke Monitoring — The best-in-class low-cost air quality measurement solutions offered by Clarity can now be bundled with the air quality modeling and forecasting capabilities of Sonoma Technology. Measurement and modeling are offered in one comprehensive package, with advanced modeling and high-resolution forecasting tools like Sonoma Technology’s ExactAQ™ overlaid on Clarity’s already-robust air quality data. High-quality data from Clarity monitoring technology will also underpin Sonoma Technology’s advanced decision-support tools like AQ360©, a model-driven system to enhance situational awareness, identify likely emission sources, rapidly assess emission impacts to the surrounding community, and alleviate concerns or address inquiries from agencies and the public.
  • Community Air Monitoring Capacity Building, Education, and Outreach — For customers looking to leverage Clarity’s air quality measurement equipment, Sonoma Technology will provide science and advisory support for network design, implementation, education, outreach, and data analysis and modeling. This will include access to programs like Kids Making Sense®, an environmental education program that teaches students about air quality and pollution using hand-held sensors, empowering them to drive for positive change in their communities. This approach will be of particular value to environmental justice and community-oriented air monitoring applications where capacity building is key to success.

"We are excited to partner with Clarity Movement to offer comprehensive air quality monitoring and air pollution management solutions that leverage the strengths of each of our teams," said Lyle R. Chinkin, Chief Scientist and CEO of Sonoma Technology. "We believe that everyone has the right to breathe clean air, and this partnership will help make that a reality for communities across the United States and beyond."

"This partnership represents a significant step forward in our mission to empower the world to reduce air pollution and promote environmental justice for underserved communities," said Sean Wihera, Vice President of Business Development & Partnerships at Clarity Movement. "We are excited to work with Sonoma Technology to provide a comprehensive air monitoring solution and help these communities leverage the grant funding they receive from the EPA to implement targeted solutions to air pollution."

The comprehensive air monitoring solutions offered through this partnership are an ideal fit for government agencies and community-based organizations applying for grant funding to support clean air initiatives through the EPA’s EJG2G, EJCPS, and EJ TCGM programs. This may include joint projects and proposals to support:

  • Establishing initial monitoring systems and sensor networks in communities with no existing monitoring resources,
  • Providing data analysis, data modeling, and education and outreach solutions in communities with existing sensor networks, and
  • Expanding communities with existing sensor networks to include more robust air monitoring resources, such as regulatory and research-grade monitoring systems, as well as advanced data analysis systems for identifying source contributions and tracking air quality and emissions trends.

The partnership between Sonoma Technology and Clarity Movement is expected to help environmental agencies and disadvantaged communities alike access and leverage grant funding to improve air quality across the United States and beyond. The two parties will be working to develop a roadmap over the next 12 months to establish a robust long-term business relationship.  

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