If you can measure it, you can manage it, and you can fix it.

Clarity’s customers around the world use our sensing-as-a-service air quality monitoring solution to eliminate blind spots and protect the health of their communities.

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  • Enabling clean air action in

    85+ cities across 49 countries

  • Increasing cities’ existing air quality data coverage by an average of


  • Making air quality monitoring possible for the first time in

    10 cities

For Government

Increase monitoring capacity without sacrificing data quality

Clarity’s monitoring solution is designed to complement existing government monitoring infrastructure. We work with you to design a robust monitoring network that is validated for data accuracy and precision.

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See What Air Districts have to say

We work with air districts and environmental agencies to validate our technology. Read third party evaluation reports from the world’s leading air quality experts:

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 Indicative air monitoring equipment co-located with reference instruments

See It For Yourself

If your department or agency is looking to explore indicative monitoring technologies, please reach out to learn more about conducting an initial colocation study.

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The Future of Monitoring in Paris

One of the first and largest of its kind, Clarity’s 180-sensor network in Paris kicked off in the summer of 2020 with the City of Paris, Bloomberg Philanthropies, and AirParif. The data from this innovative network are being used to see how a new model of distributed air quality monitoring can be used to support environmental control efforts by governments.

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For Business

Regulatory Compliance
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Regulatory Compliance

Clarity uses NowCast AQI caluclation methods that comply with regulation standards to give you the most accurate and relevant data during peak pollution events.

Health and Safety

The difficult decision to inform sensitive populations, provide personal protective equipment, or scale back hours shouldn’t be made based on inaccurate data. Optimize your employee safety efforts by making decisions that are informed by localized data.

Facilities Management

Shutting down campus or moving work operations indoors/outdoors is a huge business cost. Localized data allows for precise decisions not otherwise possible with regional weather reportng channels.

Use Case Spotlight

Wildfire smoke impacts air quality near a city in California

Wildfire Preparedness and Response

Wildfires cause temporary spikes in air pollution, creating health risks for sensitive populations. When it comes to making informed decisions around communities, employees, and first responders, air quality data when and where you need it is key.

  • Self-operating monitor with solar panel and cellular connectivity
  • Wildfire-specific data correction
  • U.S. EPA NowCast Compliant AQI
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How Can Clarity Support Your Monitoring Goals?

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For Community

Air quality monitor installed in a park in the SOMA district of San Francisco.

Data-Driven, People-Powered

Air quality monitoring should be accessible to whoever needs it. Clarity supports community groups and researchers with the technology and expertise necessary to deploy monitoring networks representative of the air people are breathing:

  • Designated air quality expert supports design and deployment
  • Remote data accuracy calibration when colocations are available
  • Academic and community discount program
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Project Spotlight

Deployment team installs air quality monitors in Richmond, California

Richmond, California

As part of the California Air Resources Board (CARB) AB617 Community Air Monitoring Program, Clarity deployed a 50-sensor network in Richmond, California with Groundwork Richmond and Ramboll SHAIR. The network is used to evaluate pollution sources and hotspots in the industrial city, as well as engage community members in environmental education.

Air quality monitor being deployed in San Francisco, California

San Francisco, California

As part of the California Air Resources Board (CARB) AB617 Community Air Monitoring Program, Clarity deployed a network in San Francisco, California with Brightline Defense. The sensors are installed near the city’s SRO hotels to evaluate how air pollution may be disproportionately affecting low-income communities.

How Can Clarity Support Your Monitoring Goals?

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