This week, our team hosted the 2023 Clarity Showcase, unveiling our latest innovations in our Sensing-as-a-Service air quality monitoring technology and services.

As wildfires, traffic congestion, and other pollution sources continue growing globally, accurately tracking and analyzing real-time air quality data at scale has never been more crucial. At Clarity, we’re committed to spearheading the next generation of effective, affordable air quality management for governments, businesses, and communities worldwide.

At our virtual Showcase event, we provided the inside scoop on our product lineup and newest offerings across hardware, software, and services that will shape the future of our industry. Here are the key takeaways:

We’re advancing Air Quality Management 2.0

David discussed our vision for the evolution of air quality programs – from one-off monitoring deployments to fully integrated, regional initiatives engaging stakeholders across government, businesses, schools, and more. By shifting to ongoing, coordinated programs, cities can continually expand engagement, funding, and impact over time. Imperial College’s 450+ node deployment, Breathe London, exemplifies this model.

Watch the full Breathe London video

Preorder our new Black Carbon Module

We’re excited to announce that preorders are now open for our new Black Carbon Module, in partnership with AethLabs. The Black Carbon Module is based on the microAeth® Black Carbon measurement technology, and integrates seamlessly into Clarity networks.

The Clarity Black Carbon Module, in partnership with AethLabs

Designed to serve as an outdoor measurement point capable of being mounted on street poles and fence lines, this device is intended for prolonged multi-month measurement initiatives that demand minimal upkeep and rare on-site inspections. Use the Black Carbon Module to indicate this extremely harmful component of particulate matter, with impacts ranging from human health to reduced agricultural productivity, and even global warming.

Preorder your Black Carbon Module today

Pre-calibrated sensors, now standard

Historically, Clarity Node-S devices needed to be collocated with regulatory reference monitors for over two weeks after installing in the field to refine accuracy through calibration. We’re excited to announce that organizations opting not to conduct collocation-based calibration — or lacking access to a reference monitor — will now be able to use the Global Calibrations for PM2.5 and NO2 which come pre-applied to your devices.

These Global Calibrations are the result of rigorous development, involving collocating of Clarity devices with reference monitors at numerous global sites, covering a broad spectrum of pollution and environmental conditions: over 6,000,000 collocated air quality measurements from more than 450  sensors in over 45 cities.

We’re thrilled to provide customers with even more options to deploy reliable air quality monitoring networks at scale, though customers will still have the option to pursue collocation for additional custom refinement if desired.

Clarity air quality data performance evaluation from the United Kingdom

We also launched Clarity’s new collocation results library, an opportunity to access the collocation data from dozens of real-world projects and learn how Clarity devices perform across a range of environments and temperatures. 

Access Clarity’s new collocation results library

More support services for customers

Our Chief Operating Officer, Dr. Meiling Gao, debuted Clarity’s expanded service offerings to help users get the most out of their monitoring programs. These offerings provide end-to-end support, from initial planning through advanced data analysis. From network design workshops to on-site deployment support or air quality-related trainings, Clarity is now able to provide tailored support for customers that are looking to accelerate the impact of their air quality monitoring projects.

High-resolution air quality modeling with Ramboll Shair

Speak to our team about new Clarity’s suite of services

We set bold goals for Clarity this year to enhance our platform and equip customers with the solutions needed to drive better air quality management practices at scale. Judging by the energy and engagement we saw firsthand from customers and partners at the Showcase, we're on the right path.

If you couldn't make the live event, don't worry. View the full recording here to get caught up on everything we revealed. The future of fighting air pollution is bright, and we're thrilled to have you along for the journey with us at Clarity.