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Clarity Collaborates with AethLabs on Black Carbon Module
   Add-on Module for Clarity Networks Expands Capability to Include Black Carbon Measurement

BERKELEY, Calif., October 12, 2021 -- Clarity Movement Co. today announced its collaboration with AethLabs to create a custom black carbon add-on module specifically for Clarity air quality monitoring networks.

The Black Carbon Module is based on the microAeth® Black Carbon measurement technology from AethLabs, and integrates seamlessly into a Clarity network using the new Node-S 2, Clarity’s second-generation hardware component of its complete air quality monitoring solution (see related release, dated today).

The new Black Carbon Module measures this extremely harmful component of particulate matter, with impacts ranging from human health to reduced agricultural productivity, and even global warming. Together, a Clarity network with a Black Carbon Module enables continuous monitoring, for accurate data in a fully supported, worry-free environment.

“Black Carbon measurement is a priority for many cities, and it is indeed important to know the concentration and the specific components of this particulate matter,” explained David Lu, CEO of Clarity Movement Co. “We are extremely pleased to collaborate with AethLabs, known worldwide for integrating advanced features into compact, lightweight form factors. The Clarity Black Carbon Module is built on proven technology, and can now seamlessly integrate into a scalable network using the new Clarity Node-S 2.”

“AethLabs is excited to team up with Clarity to integrate our microAeth Black Carbon measurement technology with Clarity’s platform,” said Jeff Blair, CEO and co-founder of AethLabs. “We look forward to expanding the availability of accurate Black Carbon monitoring around the world by combining AethLabs’ expertise in high-quality aethalometry instrumentation with Clarity’s global footprint and scalable data infrastructure.”

The Black Carbon Module is a real-time 5-wavelength UV-IR Black Carbon monitor. Designed to be installed outdoors on street poles and along fence lines, it also features an accelerometer, altimeter/barometer, and sensors for relative humidity and temperature. The spectrum measurement provides insight into the composition of light absorbing carbonaceous particles and helps to distinguish among the different optical signatures of various combustion sources such as diesel, woodsmoke, biomass and tobacco.

Clarity's Complete Solution

Clarity is transforming air quality measurement. Each Clarity solution provides everything needed -- hardware, software and expert services -- in a complete and scalable package. Customers get continuous monitoring for accurate, calibrated data in a fully supported, worry-free environment.

At the heart of the solution is the Clarity Node-S. Using solar power and built-in cellular connectivity, Clarity Nodes take only minutes to install. Once activated, they transmit PM2.5 and NO2 raw data instantly. Clarity Nodes also support add-on modules for wind, ozone and black carbon measurement to bring even more flexibility at greater scale. The raw data is calibrated using proprietary models developed by our air quality experts to ensure high accuracy.

Clarity solutions include the software tools used for remote calibration, sensor network management, data analysis, data visualization and data sharing. The calibrated data are available in real-time through the comprehensive, intuitive Clarity Dashboard as well as programmatically via RESTful APIs, and can be publicly shared with the Clarity OpenMap.

Dedicated Clarity experts provide all the know-how, training and support a customer needs to use the tools and understand the resulting data. Governments, businesses, schools and community groups in more than 60 countries worldwide use Clarity's highly-accurate air quality data to make informed, critical decisions.

About Clarity Movement Co.

Clarity Movement Co. is a privately held company, headquartered in Berkeley, California transforming the way governments, campuses, businesses and communities understand and respond to air pollution. Clarity provides the most complete, scalable air monitoring solution, with unmatched hardware, software and expert services. Used in more than 60 countries around the world, Clarity solutions empower our customers with continuous monitoring, for accurate data in a fully supported, worry-free environment. For more information, visit: <>.


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