Berkeley, California [February 27th, 2024] — In a world where concerns about air quality continue to grow, Clarity is proud to announce that its Node-S outdoor air quality sensors have met the Performance Standards for Indicative Ambient Particulate Monitors set by the UK Environment Agency and achieved MCERTS certification (Certificate Number: CSA MC230425/00). 

Notably, unlike many low-cost sensors on the market which only meet certification standards when hardwired to power, our solar-powered Node-S stands apart by being fully MCERTS-certified for operation while powered by solar energy. This distinction allows the Node-S to offer unparalleled flexibility in air quality monitoring — especially in areas where traditional power sources are scarce or in projects aiming for a reduced carbon footprint, our solar-powered Node-S provides accurate, reliable data without compromise. 

The Node-S outdoor air quality sensor is now MCERTS-certified for use as an indicative air quality monitor, even when running on solar power.

The certification range for Clarity's ambient particulate monitors covers two types of particulate matter air pollution — PM2.5 from 0 to 1,000 µg/m3 and PM10 from 0 to 2,000 µg/m3 — showcasing the monitors' versatility and precision in measuring a wide variety of pollutants. The performance results for both pollutants were impressive, and are publicly available in the testing report of the Clarity Node-S air quality sensor for use as an Indicative Monitor for PM10 and PM2.5

This certification marks a significant milestone, ensuring that Clarity's monitors meet the highest data quality standards and can be relied upon for indicative ambient air quality measurements. The MCERTS certification comes as no surprise given Clarity’s impressive collocation results around the world, but this independent qualitative and quantitative verification for our air quality measurements reinforces Clarity's commitment to providing the most accurate and reliable air quality monitoring solutions on the market. 

"We are thrilled to achieve MCERTS certification for our ambient particulate monitors, further solidifying Clarity's position as a trusted provider of accurate and reliable air quality measurement equipment," said David Lu, Co-founder and CEO at Clarity. "This recognition underscores our commitment to data quality and reinforces the value our air quality sensors bring to government agencies, researchers, industries, and communities worldwide, as demonstrated by industry-leading projects such as Breathe London."

The MCERTS accreditation process involved rigorous testing in both laboratory and field settings — including a collocation with reference air quality monitoring equipment — as well as examination of Clarity's manufacturing facility to verify its quality management processes. 

Clarity's MCERTS-certified air quality sensors are not just instruments; they represent a commitment to improving air quality and aiding in regulatory compliance. With this certification, Clarity establishes itself as the state-of-the-art choice for those seeking precise and dependable air quality monitoring measurements in various sectors.

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